Maradona Gold Partner Card

Maradona Gold Partner Card is a Loyalty Program, with which Customers would be getting numerous gifts and privileged benefits, as per the purchase. Card holders earn 1 point for each 1 gram purchase. On achievement of following points count you get the below mentioned Gifts:

  • 300 points – Gold Coin
  • 1500 points – Gold necklace
  • 2000 points – iPhone
  • 3000 points – Diamond Necklace
  • 3500 points – Europe Trip
  • 4000 points – Dinner with the Football Legend - Diego Maradona (Our Brand Ambassador) .
  • 5000 & above Points –AUDI car for first two members of the group.

For getting your very own Maradona Gold Partner Card for Loyalty Program, visit any of your nearest Chemmanur International Jewelers out let, and get your Card.

Make a purchase and on purchase of each 1 gram, get 1 point each.

Enjoy the hassle free benefits of Gold Partner Card and get easy going with your purchases.

Terms and Conditions

  • Program Sponsor. The Maradona Gold Partner Card is owned and operated by Boby Chemmanur International Group.
  • Eligibility. Privilege Card Holder in the Program is contingent on these Maradona Gold Partner Card Terms and Conditions. A family may maintain only one account. Jewellery Retailers, Jewellery Wholesalers, Jewellery Manufactures and other entities are not eligible.
  • Program Availability. Boby Chemmanur International Group reserves the right to restrict, suspend, discontinue or cancel this Maradona Gold Partner Card at management’s exclusive discretion. Boby Chemmanur International Group will make every reasonable effort to provide advance notice of its action(s) to all active members.
  • Membership Cancellation.Boby Chemmanur International Group reserves the right to cancel any membership in the Maradona Gold Partner Card for reasons that include, but are not limited to:violation of any or all of these Terms and Conditions;
  • misrepresentation of any information or any misuse of this Privilege Card Program;
  • more than one active account per member.
  • Changes in Terms and Conditions. Boby Chemmanur International Group reserves the right to make any changes to the program (whether material or otherwise), including the ways in which points are earned and redeemed.
  • Notice of Changes. Any such changes will be shown in these Terms and Conditions on the web site and will be effective immediately unless stated otherwise. A notice that a change has been made will be placed on the web site for a reasonable period of time. Any changes to any printed version of the Terms and Conditions will be contained in the next reprinting of that printed version.
  • Purpose: The Maradona Gold Partner Card is used for sale promotions.
  • Legal rights. Neither the Maradona Gold Partner Card nor any benefit offered by the Maradona Gold Partner Card creates, constitutes or gives rise to any legal or contractual rights by members against Boby Chemmanur International Group
  • Earning and Redeeming Points for Purchases. The Member may earn one (1) point for every (1) gram purchased. The Member may use these points to redeem the assured gifts as mentioned in
  • Lost or Stolen Cards. In the event of loss or theft of your Maradona Gold Partner Card, Boby Chemmanur International Group will not make any restoration of points. The Maradona Gold partner Card is a bearer card and, as such, the cardholder should treat the Maradona Gold Partner Card with the same protection and safety measures as if it were cash.
  • For further clarifications please contact toll free number : 1800 30002 916.
  • ***Present your card before billing
  • Checking Maradona Gold Partner card points just dial - +918067006007